Visual identity for the international conference for creatives

The team of the FITC conference contacted us to collaborate on a visual style for their yearly event in Amsterdam in 2019. As a base for the conference identity, the organizers chose the film Supernova, created by our studio’s co-founder Maxim Zhestkov.

Its main idea is to show a creative force that drives people and communities shown as a colorful explosion destroying the old structures to bring something new into existence. This concept gained the attention of the organizers who contacted us and proposed collaborating on the event's visual style.


The idea behind the film is to objectify creative forces. In the beginning, we see a black still monument, accumulating the energy on the inside. When it reaches a certain point where it can not be held anymore, the system of particles, forming the object, explodes, revealing everything that was hidden before. 

Colorful and bright, this outburst is the beginning of something new, like the Big Bang, shaping a new universe.



We created a set of video materials and still images to be used as backgrounds for the event and as visuals for every printed object. For us, it was not only a pleasure to work with the FITC Amsterdam team but also to see the results of our work in real life, when Maxim gave a talk at the conference.



FITC Amsterdam

Design, Creative Direction: 
Maxim Zhestkov, Igor Sordokhonov

Design, Animation: 
Artur Gadzhiev