An interpretation of new visual identity of the international design and production studio

In 2018, our friends, studio Sila Sveta (Power of Light) had a rebranding—they got a new logo based on two spheres. Sila Sveta asked us to reflect on this new visual identity by creating a 3D art ID.

We wanted to interpret the name of the studio in our work through the collision of two entities and the consequent release of power and energy, like a burst of creativity happening in the space between two minds.


The seemingly simple approach that we used in the art film lies at the core of our philosophy—we use abstract and basic shapes to tell about complex concepts and relations. This method is in line with the minimalist logo of Sila Sveta, and we were able to create a memorable image, using simple forms with the sophisticated movement of color and light to construct the story on the intersection of opposites.



Sila Sveta

Design, Creative Direction: 
Maxim Zhestkov, Igor Sordokhonov

VFX, Animation: 
Artur Gadzhiev