A visual journey into a new model created by the footwear company

In 2018, Hypebeast launched a special project about a new model created by Under Armour. We collaborated with the platform to produce a short film about sneakers, which featured their main characteristics and showed their structure in detail. 

The materials of the shoes inspired our art film — we showed how the sneaker is being built from polymer cushion and threads. Another important part of the shoes was their knitted upper part, so it was shown in the film as well. The result of our work and experimentation was published on Hypebeast.


To tell about the sneakers, we needed to combine the color pattern with the closer look at the materials used in the sneakers. During our RnD, we created dozens of tests, which told the story through minimalistic visuals and realistic materials.

Ones that we chose together with the client became a foundation for our video and allowed us to show the structure of the sneakers, which are made of a soft foam wrapped in the ‘energy web’ which distributes the kinetic energy within the sole.



Under Armour, Hypebeast

Design, Creative Direction: 
Maxim Zhestkov

Artur Gadzhiev