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Heading into the beauty and fashion industry, we remain dedicated to expanding our expertise and pushing our artistic boundaries, continuously uncovering new facets of this enchanting sphere.

Every day, we engage with creative briefs, allowing us to bring the bold visual statements to life. We have gathered a collection of our beauty manifestations to tell you a story of vibrancy hidden behind the static elements. 

As enthusiasts of exploring diverse physical materials, we constantly discover innovative ways to showcase the properties, behaviors, and appearance patterns of objects.

This approach enables us to find unexpected applications of physical properties, textures, and motion patterns to static products, transforming their forms in playful and intriguing ways.


Conversation between art of beauty, technology, and physical materiality is an area where we often find openings to essentialize our thinking. 

By embracing the real properties of the physical world, products come to life, evolving from static, beautiful storefront items into dynamic, living structures.

Enhancing product imagery in this manner opens up a vast field of experimentation, allowing us to craft elegant compositions within the frame and uncover distinctive patterns in the behavior of the luxury attributes. 



Creative Direction: 
Igor Sordokhonov

Art Direction: 
Dmitry Ponomarev

Design, Animation:
Alexandra Vorobeva, Denis Semenov, Roman Eltsov, Sergey Shurupov, Aleksei Komarov, Kirill Makhin, Daniil Makhin, Vasily Zinchuk 

Alexandra Kotova