Reinventing the timeless beauty series

In 2021, Chanel celebrated the 100th anniversary of №5 - the world’s most famous and known perfume. As part of this great moment, the company prepared an additional series of products with a legendary fragrance. 

We had the honor to join this campaign and created the short film presenting L'Huile D’or beauty product. 

The shine of pearlescent particles glides smoothly inside the delicate and oily texture, leaving behind a shimmering golden glow. 

Crafted in laconic shapes of №5, flacon reflects the glare on its surface, accentuating the beauty of the sparkling oil. 

As an integral part of the product, the shining particles represent the world of mesmerizing beauty and atmosphere of dazzling brilliance created for the anniversary campaign of the classic and timeless fragrance line. 

Covered with mountains and craters, the landscape shimmers with cosmic tiny dust. Merging in a shimmering sheen, the particles soar from the ground and float in weightlessness. 




Creative Direction:
Igor Sordokhonov

Art Direction: 
Dmitry Ponomarev

Producer, Copywriting:
Alexandra Kotova

Design, Animation: 
Sergey Shurupov, Daniil Makhin, Kirill Makhin, Denis Semenov, Vasily Zinchuk, Artur Gadzhiev