Data PostProcessing

Unveiling the hidden aspects of the everyday reality, we re-immerse in a world of vibrant technology and unexpected visual solutions, presenting data processes as transparent and dynamic entities.  

Departing from the familiar visual tradition, our project combines a revised perspective on a bygone era, supported by organic materials, bold forms and colours.  


Relying solely on surface functionality, we often ignore the depths of things and fail to pay attention to the details.

When it comes to devices of the past, most often in the eyes of the average person, they are long-forgotten items on a shelf, having nothing to do with the modern perspective of the world.


In Data PostProcessing, we are resolutely determined to breathe new life into seemingly outdated forms, making them more mobile, bright, and appealing.

Bringing together natural materials, vibrant light, and impeccable computational flair, we unfold a new space that embraces technology and embodies an essence close to nature.


Inspired by the mechanical devices of bygone eras, we combine their recognizable forms with repetitive movement patterns, weaving a philosophy of eclectic minimalism.

Certain entities take on a readable embodiment, reminiscent of computational abaci, punch cards, and recording devices, honoring their distinctive functionality. Meanwhile, alternative compositions bestow a hint of abstraction, bringing a radiant trace and an organic beginning, thereby infusing every constituent with palpable tactility and friendliness. 



Creative Direction: 
Igor Sordokhonov

Art Direction: 
Dmitry Ponomarev

Design, Animation:
Denis Semenov, Dmitry Ponomarev, Alexandra Vorobeva, Roman Eltsov, Sergey Shurupov, Aleksei Komarov, Kirill Makhin, Daniil Makhin, Artur Gadzhiev

Alexandra Kotova

Artem Markaryan

Alexandra Kotova