Hermès Seasons

Creating new senses and bold visual statements, the fashion industry leaves behind a trail of magical mystery.

In striving to capture a gracious sense of beauty and to bring out the flip side of the fashion world, we created a series of films connected with an emotional reading of natural landscapes, revealing seasonal changes. 


The work of meanings

Evolving from a modest branch of garment production into one of the main engines of progress in the visual arts, high fashion today allows things to find a voice and become a transmitter of new ideas, values, standards, and patterns.

Constantly trying to find new meanings and capture the spirit of the times, high fashion turns to bold and powerful visual expressions featuring freedom and the absence of prejudice.



Even though events in the world of haute couture receive extensive and often expert attention, the industry invariably retains a sense of the inscrutable and elusive.

The unsurpassed precision of the work with materials and textures, and the syncretism of the visual forms, remind us of the most important definitions of artistry and craftsmanship, emphasizing the mystery of the moment of the thing's creation.


In our series, we have tried to create an atmosphere of convergence between fashion and nature, emphasizing the pristine beauty of hand craftsmanship. The woven fine threads float in the air and connect in a single movement, forming unique and unrepeatable patterns.

Three different states of nature, each with its own unchanging harmony - a bastion of inspiration for the artist.


Creative Direction: 
Igor Sordokhonov

Art Direction: 
Dmitry Ponomarev 

Denis Semenov, Dmitry Ponomarev

Graphic Design:
Anastasia Suryaninova

Artem Markaryan

Elizaveta Kolesnikova

Producer, Text:
Alexandra Kotova