Revealing the world's most awaited game console

In June of 2020, Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed their state-of-art device—PlayStation 5. During the online presentation viewed by millions, SIE's representatives told about the hardware inside the new system and revealed how PS5 looks.

We had the honor to become a part of the event and create the opening piece and the film for the reveal of PlayStation 5 together with the client's team.

Sony Interactive Entertainment team reached out to us with an offer to create two videos for the PlayStation 5 launch event.

The first video that we produced was the moment that everybody waited for. Surrounded by waves of energy, PlayStation 5 appeared, which has never been shown publicly before.


Visualizing the soul of PlayStation 5, we created an intricate installation made of thousands of connected particles.

Shaping PS symbols and spreading impulses of blue light, the centerpiece became a portal into the world of the new console, more powerful and fast than anything seen before.

Vibrant and mighty, it was the heart of PlayStation 5 connecting people to their creativity and imagination.


The second video, eventually used as the opening video, featured PlayStation's brand symbols—triangle, circle, cross, and square—appearing from white monoliths.

Slowly opening, minimalist monuments showed their complicated and ever-changing inside containing the symbols, majestic and glorious.


Juxtaposing realistic materials used in the interior and in the monuments with the otherworldly animation of the emerging symbols reminding of multiple hidden dimensions, we created moving sculptures that are hypnotizing and surreal.



Working closely with SIE's team, we generated dozens of tests trying to capture the spirit of the new console. Through constant experimentation and collaboration, we found what we were looking for and tried many peculiar directions on the way towards our final result.



Sony Interactive Entertainment

SIE Creative Direction:
Joby Hirshfield, Arran Green, Michael Brynteson

SIE Art Direction:
Brandon Akiaten, Blake Robertson

SIE Project Management:
Monique Williamson, Matthew Owca

Maxim Zhestkov

Creative Direction, Art Direction:
Maxim Zhestkov, Igor Sordokhonov, Phil Bonum

Design, Animation:
Phil Bonum, Artur Gadzhiev, Tatyana Balyberdina, Dmitriy Ponomarev, Sergey Shurupov


Anna Gulyaeva