Explaining complex processes of the company’s transformation through visuals

The oldest and the biggest bank in Russia—Sber—had its first product conference SberConf, where the company revealed its plan of a major transformation into an ecosystem of services, apps, and devices. For this event, we created a short film about the metamorphosis of the company, which was the focal point in the narrative about the rebranding.

Besides this film, we also created a video, which was used in an ad campaign about rebranding on national TV. It featured similar visual motifs but was more focused on the transformation of the logo rather than on the general mood of the renewed company.


Throughout the video, we uncovered elements of the new brand, such as the colors, the logo and the icons. The new visual style conveys the idea that the company’s ecosystem saves user’s time and frees them from the routine. 

That is where the new logo came from—it resembles clock hands and uses the color gradient which connects the logo with changing colors of the sky. These symbols were the centerpiece of our story, developing and unfolding inside of clean minimalistic spaces.


Also featured in the video are the services of the ecosystem, each having its own style. We showed them as the icons inside a monolith of the company, different yet connected by the single mission conceptually and by the similar principles of animation visually. 


By the end, the new logo is uncovered. Having it appearing from a blank space, the company starts with a new leaf.​​​​​​​


TV Campaign

Another aspect of our collaboration was the creation of a video that was used for an advertisement on national television. Using the same abstract style, as in our video for the conference, we showed the ecosystem in more detail, highlighting every service that became a part of the company.  

For this video, we have also interpreted the logo in short animations, visualizing it in different forms and materials.




Creative Direction:
Maxim Zhestkov, Igor Sordokhonov

Design, Animation:
Roma Kuzminykh, Denis Semenov, Artur Gadzhiev, Phil Bonum, Dmitriy Ponomarev, Sergey Shurupov, Tatyana Balyberdina

Artyom Markaryan

Anna Gulyaeva