Elegant little boxes that hold thousands of shining particles and stunning materials —decorative cosmetics, in addition to the visible effect, give an indescribable sense of inner satisfaction and festivity.

In our film, we tried to convey this feeling and build a world depicting and celebrating a magical moment of glitz, chic and self-creation.



The composition of decorative cosmetic products includes variety of coloring substances - dyes and pigments.

Compact eye shadows, powder, dry blushes are products composed of finely ground pigments, with the addition of excipients such as wax and oil.

The ratio of the concentration of binders is what determines the density, uniformity, covering power, and pigmentation of the product.


The manufacturing of a high quality decorative product requires the right sequence and proportionality in the production phases and the combination of substances.

Shadows or blushes should be dense enough to not break up under light pressure but also easy to remove and transition to powder.


The pressing process is one of the fundamental steps in the production of powdered and compact cosmetics. The quality of this stage determines the tightness and other important characteristics of the product.


Our film

Inspired by glowing textures and materials, we created a film that forms a single narrative from a multitude of connecting particles. Dispersing in a chaotic manner, the particles transform into sparkling forms and eventually order into elegant refills.



Creative Direction: 
Igor Sordokhonov

Art Direction: 
Anna Reshetnikova

Design, Animation:
Sergey Shurupov, Roman Kuzminykh, Kirill Makhin, Daniil Makhin, Artur Gadzhiev

Graphic Design: 
Anastasia Suryaninova

Artyom Markaryan


Producer, Copywriting:
Alexandra Kotova