April 28, 2021

Re-thinking visual language of high-tech

Self-initiated visual research, in which we look for new ways to show computing processes. Instead of traditional high-tech images that treat digital technologies as something abstract and intangibly futuristic, we referenced bold shapes from industrial and graphic design and mixed them with realistic materials to create a more friendly approach to technology visualization and to accentuate the connection between humans and devices that help us move through our daily lives.

February 9, 2021

Media.Work collaborated with Sber for the company’s large rebranding

Our team became a part of one of the largest brand events of this year—SberConf, where Sber, the largest Russian bank, presented its plans to transform into an ecosystem of apps and services. We collaborated with the company and created the opening video for the conference. Using the new brand identity, we produced a story of renewal and rebirth. Follow this link to see the video and more information about our creative path towards it.